3 ways to motivate yourself at work when you feel “stuck”

There comes a time when people who work sitting at a desk can feel trapped in one way or another, and feeling trapped or blocked can produce feelings of discouragement, disappointment and even feelings of isolation. Some of the causes for this exhaustion or blockage may be the lack of physical care, or it may also be the lack of spending time doing those activities outside of your work that you feel passionate about and energize you, or it it could simply be that you are not taking the time to analyze how to achieve a more balanced work life, so here I want to give you 3 ways to feel motivated.

1 – Get Physical
Our physical condition often determines our energy levels. When we decide to exercise the body releases endorphins that help relieve stress and pain, which can help us manage the mental stress that occurs with the demands at work in a better way. Try to integrate into your daily routine, or at least 3 times a week, the practice of some type of physical exercise that you enjoy and if you do not have any in mind then you can give yourself the task of exploring what type of exercises could be of your interest. Even a walk in the park or in your neighborhood on a consistent basis might be enough.

2 – Pursue a Side Passion
Many people have within them a writer, a mentor, or even a photographer, whatever that thing is that you could do just for the love of it, I encourage you to find the time to do it or explore what that could be. This will stimulate your creativity and this could extend to volunteer work, an online business, or simply exploring basic work in a field of your choice and who knows, maybe your dream career.

3 – Get Social
Identify in your social circle those people who support the way you want to feel. We are social beings and we trust in the support of people who have our best interest in mind. People inherently want to help, but many times we just don’t know how unless being asked, unfortunately, because of the pace in which we live in, we tend to isolate ourselves and this has the power to impact our mental health; do not deprive yourself of the benefits of community and even accepting help from others, this way we go from a self-sufficient mindset to a collaborative mindset that will lead us to find the motivation and support that we all need.

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